Input Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values. Example:ff0000, rgb(255,0,0), hsl(0,100%,50%). Note no spaces!
HTML Color Names

Modern browsers support 140 named colors, which are listed below. Use them in your HTML and CSS by name, Hex color code or RGB value.

Red HTML Color Names
Orange HTML Color Names
Pink HTML Color Names
Yellow HTML Color Names
Purple HTML Color Names
Blue HTML Color Names
Green HTML Color Names
Brown HTML Color Names
White HTML Color Names
Gray HTML Color Names
How to use HTML color names

Just like Hex color codes, HTML color names can be used with inline HTML styles or in a separate CSS stylesheet.

<!-- In your HTML document -->
<h1 style="color:IndianRed">Indian Red Title Text</h1>
<p style="color:SlateGray">Slate gray paragraph text</p>
/* In your .css stylesheet */
h1 { color: IndianRed; }
p { color: SlateGray; }

That's all there is too it! If you want to learn more about using HTML color names and codes in your website, check out our other tutorials for some additional enlightenment.

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