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Quickly reference our list of Bukkit color codes and format codes to style your chat messages, server welcome messages/MOTD and in-game text.

List of Bukkit Color Codes
Color Name Chat Code MOTD Code Hex Code
Black (black) &0 \u00A70 #000000
Dark Blue (dark_blue) &1 \u00A71 #0000AA
Dark Green (dark_green) &2 \u00A72 #00AA00
Dark Aqua (dark_aqua) &3 \u00A73 #00AAAA
Dark Red (dark_red) &4 \u00A74 #AA0000
Dark Purple (dark_purple) &5 \u00A75 #AA00AA
Gold (gold) &6 \u00A76 #FFAA00
Gray (gray) &7 \u00A77 #AAAAAA
Dark Gray (dark_gray) &8 \u00A78 #555555
Blue (blue) &9 \u00A79 #5555FF
Green (green) &a \u00A7a #55FF55
Aqua (aqua) &b \u00A7b #55FFFF
Red (red) &c \u00A7c #FF5555
Light Purple (light_purple) &d \u00A7d #FF55FF
Yellow (yellow) &e \u00A7e #FFFF55
White (white) &f \u00A7f #FFFFFF
List of Bukkit Format Codes
Name Chat Code MOTD Code Edition
Obfuscated &k \u00A7k JE/BE
Bold &l \u00A7l JE/BE
Strikethrough &m \u00A7m JE
Underline &n \u00A7n JE
Italic &o \u00A7o JE/BE
Reset &r \u00A7r JE/BE
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